Children's parties
Children's parties
Fun for all

Children’s parties are a speciality and in great demand. Typically Mr. Punch and cast entertains the children with a fun packed show, followed by photos with the party goers and stickers for all. During mealtime the cast will mix with the children, with crocodile searching in their sandwich and food for anything sausage flavoured! A spare set of original Punch and Judy wooden puppets are brought along for those who wish to try them out.

During the party a second act will follow, being ‘Professor Diamond’s World Famous Flea Circus’. One of very few in the country and a Victorian curiosity act of old, the children will cheer on Fleabea, Flealicity and Fleaderick as they perform acts of great bravery and strength within a specially designed circus ring. Are they real or just an illusion! Let the children decide!

Gerald 'many thanks to Professor Diamond who entertained 30 children at Theo's 5th birthday party with all of them thoroughly engaged throughout. 


I would recommend him to anyone wanting to provide entertainment and a party the children won't forget'