Punch and Judy Fetes
Punch and Judy Carnivals


The past year has been a busy time for Professor Diamond and cast, with many requests to present the show at fetes and carnivals. These have proved highly successful with both children and adults and add a distinctive traditional flavor to the day. For many children it is the first time they have watched Punch and Judy and adults often find it a nostalgic experience too. During a half day event typically 2/3 shows are possible and for a full day 4/5 shows.


Shows can be varied through the day and to suit the audience and do not contain any contentious material. The emphasis is very much on fun!

The children are encouraged to meet the cast after each show, touch and feel and have their photo taken with the puppets. Mr Punch likes to have his photo taken with the children too!


Not an exhaustive list but venues in this year include:

Aylesbury on Sea, Crick Scarecrow Festival , Highclere Country Show, Wixams Summer Fete and lots more!

Catherine ‘many thanks for the Punch and Judy show in July at our Teddy bear's Picnic event, would it be possible to book your services for our Santa specials on 12/13th December’