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Punch and Judy is always a popular visitor to schools as a fun based learning experience. The history of Punch and Judy is over 350 years old and predates the Great Fire of London. Professor Diamond often visits schools as part of Key Stage 1 or 2, studying topics such as The Victorians, The Seaside or puppet theatre. If requested a 20 minute power point presentation is given on the history of Punch and Judy with the children encouraged to join in and ask questions, followed by a 20/30 minute show. This can be repeated several times during the visit if more than one class is involved. After each show the children can meet Mr. Punch and the cast and, if they are very brave, to stroke the crocodile’s nose! Each child receives a Mr. Punch sticker!

To many children who perhaps have not had the opportunity to see a traditional Punch and Judy show before where they are encouraged to join in and shout out, the experience is one they will cherish and is a great learning experience as well.


Of course Punch and Judy is always popular at the end of term/year school fete.

New for 2024! Every pupil will have their own Punch & Judy soft puppet to 'have a go' with during the visit.

Punch and Judy Schools
Punch and Judy Schools


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